Fifth Session

Exploring the Deep Underground & Lothyn's Mine

After the defeat of Bargle, who ran away very quickly with the aid of magic, our adventurers decided to find a nice safe room to rest and recuperate in, except for the bard. Gareth didn’t feel up to sleeping in a dank ruined castle, so he went on his way back to Solstice to sleep in a fine feather-bed.

The rest time uneventful, the adventurers woke up and started to argue about what to do. Eventually they decided to explore some more of the deep underground giant-sized tunnels that seemed to continue forever into the darkness.

Passing a strange pedestal in a 4 intersection, the group continued straight onward for a time, before encountering a few hulking giants. With some sort of telepathic communication, the giants informed the party that they were not welcome here and asked them to leave. The party, fearful at such large monsters, quickly decided to leave that area.

Returning to the 4 way intersection, our adventurers took a right turn to explore another branch of the giant-sized halls. The tunnel continued onward for some ways before the party found a damaged portcullis, apparently burned away with acid or extreme heat. A short distance further they encountered a small force of Gray. A battle begins, and the party is mostly victorious, killing several Gray and chasing a Gray brute who tries to escape. However, the monk Niral was critically wounded in the battle, and just barely brought back to standing condition. As some of the party went off to pursue the fleeing Gray, a Grayling scout came out of invisibility and struck Niral, bringing him down again. Luckily that Grayling was quickly handled and his wounds were tended to by a nearby ally.

The party continued down the tunnel, pursuing the fleeing brute, but the chase quickly turned around as the brute led them into a larger warband of Gray, led by a Gray with a flaming longsword. The party decided to leave these Gray alone for now, and went back out of the tunnels and up through the castle.

Upon leaving the castle, the party was disappointed to find their wagon destroyed and horses slaughter. Probably Bargles doing, they thought.

The adventurers made way back to Solstice, an uneventful walk this time.

Back at Solstice, some information gathering and decision making takes place, and the party decides to explore Lothyn’s Mine, given that several days remain before the supposed Gray attack.

The mine proved no challenge to our party thus far. A central passage opened into a large room with an open shaft, leading deeper under the ground. The party decided to spend more time exploring the first level before plunging into the depths.

Another side passage to the east led to a small lair of some sort containing a pair of hostile wererats. While difficult for the party to harm, the wererats were easily handled, one was slowly killed through magical attacks and the second was overpowered grappled and tied up.

Brad, the wererat, gave up a bit of information in the hopes of saving his life. The party kept him tied up, and was just deciding to return to Solstice with him.

To be continued…


Giles Giles

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