History Timeline of Quartos

Current year is 37, based on the human calendar system which was put into place when Daldoth originally conquered the whole the the mainland. Prior to this, an old Elven calendar system was used by some while a Drakon (Dragonborn) calendar was used by others.

-9 The Drakon (Dragonborn race as per PHB) race controls the majority of Quartos. They allowed the humans and various demihuman races to live in peace, provided taxes and fees were paid and the Drakon laws were followed. Over time this caused a lot of strife and protests, in particular a human city ruled by a Lord Daldoth decided it has had enough of living under the thumb of the Drakons. Mild protests and riots turned to war, as Lord Daldoth refused to pay the usual taxes and declared independent sovereignty.

-7 Initially underestimated, Daldoth and his armies have initial successes. This inspires other human townships and groups to rebel against the Drakon, and eventually the majority of human civilization on Quartos is all united under Daldoth, who declares himself emperor. Daldoth declares the dragonborn and their allies to be abominations and monsters, and proceeds to attack and destroy them. Dwarf, halfling, and gnome nations all oppose this genocide, and become enemies as well. The elves withdraw, and many return to the elven homelands across the ocean. Half-orc and tiefling are also branded as enemies of the human empire and killed on sight, but these races were rare to begin with. Many half-elves leave with the elves, and of those that don’t many are killed or enslaved by the human empire.

0 Victory year.

13 Emperor Daldoth dies of poison, by rights the crown passes to his eldest son Morokyn.

14 It comes out that Morokyn was born a bastard, and not of Daldoth’s blood. The four remaining children of Daldoth argue and fight over who will take the crown, eventually fall back to each control a quarter of the empire while Morokyn tries to hold the capital city.

17 The second war begins. Each splinter kingdom fights to protect itself and to expand into neighboring land when weakness is detected.

25 Morokyn is slain by his half-brother, Akaroth. Akaroth’s quarter assumes control of the capital, and becomes the most powerful of the four kingdoms.

29 Akaroth’s kingdom overruns his sister Ikana’s nation. Ikana and the remains of her soldiers escape to a nearby island to regroup.

30 Word of the fall of his sister Ikana reaches Rangon, and he makes a desperate bargain. An ancient order of Necromancers reside in the lands under his control. Rangon offers the Necromancers free reign to test their spells and enslave the dead, in exchange for military assistance.

35 Akaroth’s kingdom continues to amass power and seems to be poised to attack and take over the remaining two kingdoms. but there is something of a cold war going on with few actual real battles.

36 Valdos, concerned about his brother’s growing power and the threat he represents, frees the slaves within his nation. In valdos, all dwarf, halfling, and gomes are freed. Dragonborn tiefling and obvious half-orc are still viewed as monsters. Elves and half elves are a rare sight, treated poorly but not executed on sight as a dragonborn would be.

37 Campaign play begins in Solstice, a village on the outskirts of civilization in the quarter of Valdos, the youngest of the three brothers.

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History Timeline of Quartos

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