D&D 5e Rules, Dark Low-Magic Setting

Quartos is a realm on the brink of war. Four siblings rule the lands, each fighting for a piece of their father’s empire.

Akaroth rules the northern lands with an iron fist. Early victories allowed him to push his sister Ikana into exile, and he quickly added her lands to his domain.

Rangon holds the south-western lands. He has turned to necromancers, mages who command the dead, and allowed them to experiment freely within his lands. In exchange, the necromancers offer Rangon the services of great undead armies.

Valdos, the youngest brother, holds the lands of the south-east of Quartos. Hoping that the strength of a free nation will be enough to hold out against his brothers, he has declared slavery illegal and humanoids of all races find refuge in his lands.

Ikana waits in exile, hidden from her brothers, waiting for the moment to return to the spotlight.


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