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Quartos is an island continent, about 135,000 square miles in area. It is somewhat isolated from the other continents of the world. In the past, it was inhabited by a wide variety of races, including a large nation of Dragonborn and several human nations. Some 40 years prior to the start of the campaign, war sparks between the human nations and the Dragonborn. Essentially all the small human nations united under one ruler, who systematically destroys all Dragonborn. This newly formed human nation does some nasty despicable stuff, and basically attempts to drive the Dragonborn into extinction.

The ruthless humans are largely successful, but in the process the various demihuman races (elf, dwarf, halfling) are disgusted by the brutal tactics and methods. Not one to take criticism lightly, the human emperor Daldoth declares the non-human races fit only as slaves, and executes those bold enough to protest or fight back. Thanks to numbers and ruthless tactics, the human nation prevails and drives out the Dragonborn, while enslaving or exiling any other non-human races.

Eventually, about a decade after the war, evil attracts evil, and Daldoth is murdered. Poison. His children bicker and fight over the rights to rule, by law it should simply pass to the eldest son but things don’t work out so simply. Each of his four children end up ruling a quarter of the land, but almost immediately there is civil war. The eldest remaining son decides he deserves to rule the entire land, one way or another. This eldest son, Akaroth, is initially successfully, first taking the capital and driving his own sister Ikana into exile, giving him control of two quarters of the land.

In desperation, the other two brothers use some extreme measures to keep control of what they have. Rangon, the second eldest son, turns to a school of necromancers under the lands of his control. He strikes a bargain with them and allows them full access to conduct experiments and animate the dead of his nation, in return for giving him control of a powerful force of undead to keep his brother’s army away.

Valdos, the youngest son, takes a different approach, and he frees the enslaved demihumans of his lands. His hopes being that this act will earn them his respect, and with a free nation his soldiers can focus on protecting the land from without instead of keeping slaves in line. This approach, so far, has not been terribly effective though, and Valdos is constantly attacked by agents of both of his brothers.

The campaign will start in the town of Solstice on the outskirts of civilization within Valdos’ lands. Non-human characters are thus okay, though there is some racism from human NPCs. Dragonborn though, are still viewed as vile evil monsters, so it would be tough to fit one into the campaign unless the character has some great way to disguise himself. Tieflings have similar problems.

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